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Traffic Lawyers

Traffic Lawyer

Berlin NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

The town of Berlin is located in Rensselaer County, New York and borders the state of Massachusetts. Rensselaer county is within the Greater Capital District and Mr. Kehoe offers affordable traffic ticket defense fees there.

Call if you have received a traffic ticket for speeding, no seatbelt, failure to yield or any other violation of the New York State Vehicle & Traffic law. Depending on the violation, traffic tickets can carry heavy fines, drivers’ license privilege restrictions or worse. If you are interested in hiring Mr. Kehoe’s office to help defend your New York speeding ticket or other Vehicle & Traffic case, please call earlier than later. If you are in Los Angeles we recommend the Best Employer Attorneys

If your court date is very soon or already passed, we may be able to help you get more time or petition the court to re-open the case through an Error Coram Nobis petition. Consultations are free of charge and do not create any obligation to hire our office. Email inquiries and phone calls monitored every day.

Speak with a Berlin traffic lawyer today and discuss the details of your case. We also represent clients charged with DWI and other alcohol-related charges in Rensselaer County. A DWI conviction carries with it some very serious penalties. We will put you in touch immediately with a certified Substance Abuse Counselor for an alcohol evaluation to ensure your DWI case ends up with the best outcome possible. If you still need help call the top LA employer lawyers.

What Happens If I Plead Guilty?

Pleading guilty to your original charge, whether speeding, passing a red light, or any other violation or misdemeanor will make you responsible for all applicable penalties including DMV points, court fines & surcharges, special assessment fees, and any other penalty designated by law.

If you hire our office, we will ask the court to allow you to plead guilty to a lesser charge of some kind – maybe a parking ticket, disobey traffic device, or lower speed, etc. based on your past driving history and other factors. Using this “plea bargain” method, courts save valuable judicial resources and we can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars and protect your driving history from damaging points.

On our website you can view how cases were able to be reduced in local courts. If you have additional questions, please always first consult with an employer defense LA attorney.